Thursday, 13 November 2008

christmas cards !

Joanne Wardle's Christmas Sugar Nellie Card !

Well we had some fun at craft group today !¬ Mayhem was caused by a few members over a 10 cm x 10cm peice of white card and a 10 1/2 cm x 10 1/2 cm piece of coloured card ! - This caused absolute confusion making a card rofl .... i blame the home made scones with jam and butter that member Joan made for the hyperactivity today !

We had a morning of christmas card making and alittle fundraising towards getting some copics for the club. A few more days of bringing and selling buns and cakes ( we have some fabby cake makers) and we will have enough pennies to buy some.

The lesson today was christmas cards and again going over how to use whispers pens .

We had a lovely visitor too , Joanne Wardle popped in and joined us for the morning (im hoping she liked it enough to come back , hint hint ) and may i add was perfectly well behaved and was not affected by the jam scones lol !

Joanne's ATC was featured in this months Craft Stamper mag , so be sure to look though and see it - fabulous Joanne and well done !

The other news is Rachel is out of hospital and has also aquired a vistor ! Oh yes indeed ! for those of you that follow mine and calvins blog you will know about the sugar nellie war lol. Well it appears that the sugar nellie in question has gone to keep rach company for a while lol OH DEAR heheee .
Hope you get better soon Rachel x

A big well done to member Calvin for his fantastic paper wallet that was featured on the Inspirational blog and also being invited to join the sister blog ... Inspirational tips and techniques .


Rachel said...

Sorry I missed out today :-( Sorry I missed meeting Joanne - hope she will be joining us again. Sounds as though I missed out on some fun! Did anyone save me some cakes??

joanne wardle said...

in the words of the Great philosopher Arnold Schwarzenegger: "I'll be back"

I had great fun thanks, and I love my sugar nellie card (and thanks for not telling anyone that the leaves are covering up a minor ink disaster).
I never thought I was a sugar nellie fan, but there you go!!!

maddy hill said...

you see the effect we have on people ?
i take it your now a whisper fan too Joanne ??? hmmm the little crafty spend confession earlier on might have given it away lol.
glad you had a good time x

Tonniece said...

Love your card Maddy.
You coloring just knocks me off my feet.

The Sticky Fixers ! said...

lol That was Joannes colouring .. bless you ..xxxx well i did teach the lesson ! lol Joanne did a fabulous colouring on the card didnt she !

SP said...

Joanne - what a fab, funky xm card! well done!
I will be at craft club on 4 Dec, hope to meet you
xx susan