Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Susans Beautiful makes !

Sticky fixer Susan Powell has been a busy bee me thinks ! would you just look at these stunning makes Susan sent me via email ... Wow arent they just gooooorgeous ! The textures on her creations are wonderful ! Unfortunatly Susan has not a blog yet, but we can see her beautiful
makes on here ..

mini book

Susans beautiful birthday cards.

More News ..

Well done to Rachel for winning the DewDrop craftz Valentine Challenge !
We shall all be looking forward to seeing your creations with your winnings at the sticky fixers craft club !

Guess what we have comming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COPICS !!!!!
Yes the craft club are now the proud owners of .. 72 copics plus skin tone set plus two blenders !
also we had another addition to our family - a mini sewing machine too !

wooooooooo hooooooooo ! I have to say that due to the members fundraising we must have one of the best stocked clubs around !
With all our fundraising and donations , within the last year we have stocked up on ....
A cuttlebug
cuttlebug folders and loads of dies ! ( which members can take home each week !)
Stamps ,
Punches approx 10
whispers pens,
Water colour pens
12 x12 trimmer
a5 trimmer
acyrlic blocks
more stamps !
brads .
and theres proberbly alot more ..but i cant remember it all !
so keep eating Joans and Jeans delish buns and cakes !
We are on the look out for our next crafty buy - so if you see something that you would like to use at craft club please leave your suggestions !
Even if your not a sticky fixer member and theres a tool out there thats fabulous and a must have we would love to know about it !

We have had request for more chrimbo card makes ! So the lesson this week will be christmas cards and il bring some snowflake punches too !

Hopefully we might even have the copics by then ! Im sooooooo excited !

till next time !
sticky fixer
maddy x


joanne wardle said...

oooo I'm really trying to find time to come this week. love susan's makes

The Sticky Fixers ! said...

Hope you can come Joanne ! - i have to learn how to use them in ONE day rofl - then teach it pmsl !

Calv said...

Wow Susan you have done some gorgeous work there! Love it.

Excellent news about the copics Maddy, after seeing some of the colouring effects achieved with these on peoples blogs, the club is lucky to be getting these.


Claire Mackaness said...

I wish I lived in Leeds! How about a kandicane for your club? I wouldn't be without mine.

SP said...

Gosh! What a lovely surprise!
Thank you all for your lovely comments, very much appreciated.


SP said...

Congrats on the Copics, looking forward to trying out on 4 Dec ;-)

Rachel said...

Lovely work Susan :-) See you soon.

6 wacky women said...

WOW! Beautiful creations. The textures are awesome.

Karen x

Hammersue1 said...

I love your crafty makes beautifuul. looks like you had a great xmas too. sue xx