Friday, 7 November 2008

Our Scapbook Journey Album.

Many of the sticky fixers members have never done scrapbooking before and it has been one of the things that i just love to do . So when i asked the members if they wanted to have some lessons in it they immediatly said yes , I was thrilled that they did - i myself love scrapbooking !

I wanted to cover alot of techniques and styles in the scrapbook so we decided we would do it as a journey of exploring all the styles and techniques out there. A 12 by 12 would have been rather overwhelming so we all decided 8 x 8 would be a great starting point.

Here is the front cover of the scrapbook - we explored the style of Tim Holtz and used the distressing , blending and masking techniques. Most if not all our members had never tried before.
We also used materials you wouldnt think of using and using distress powder in a different way to get that rusty effect on the lock.
Now i dont know if Tim Holtz does the rusty look lol but it is a technique i came across myself whilst playing for that look - i'd like to think i thought of it but odds are there will be many that already have lol !

How to get the rusty effect .
The lock is a sizzix die - if you dont have one of these dies there are many shops online that sell the chipboard shapes for them.

1..First you ink your mountboard die cut with clear /gold or brillance lighting black embossing ink ( thats pigment ink that dries slowly)

2.Cover the die cut in gold embossing powder and heat with a heat gun.Leave a moment to set.

3. Repeat inking the die cut with a brillance ink pad called lighting black embossing ink .

4. Now take a little pinch of distress embossing powder ( this is different from ordinary embossing powder) and carefull sprinkle over the lock. Dont cover it all , leave alittle gold comming through. A good tip is to think where it would most likely get rusty and worn - i would say the edges of the die would need a thicker coating of distress powder.

5 . Heat again .

6, using some sand paper sand the edges and where you think it would get most worn , if you look at the photo you will see the lock looking most worn where the key would be constantly going in and out over the years. Ive even put some larger scratches in with my craft knife.
There you have your rusty look and if you look carefully you can see the gold embossing powder shinning through on some parts , this was exactly the look i was after.

For the name plate on the cover I used again a tab sizzix die , but altered the shape. I dont know if they actually have a die like the name plate , but i didnt so made it ourselves.

I cut two die shapes out of mount board . Then cut out the shaded area. See picture below.
glued them together and again i used the rusty distressed technique above.

I used square brads that were sanded a little for the tacks.

Now the leather monogram was great fun ! It is actually an old leather belt !
I turned it round and stamped on the wrong side of the belt and eyeleted all four corners .

Most of the items used for this project were aquired from The Artistic Stamper , including the much hard to find screw brads and the Believe , Imagine and create canvas twill.

We had great fun distressing and all members makes turned out fantastic !
If you would like to know how to do the blending technique on the far left tag , Sticky fixer member Calvin has posted a great tutorial on his blog here .

till next time !

Maddy Hill x


Jennie said...

What a fab album! Do hope everyone enjoyed making it :)

Melissa said...

That is just super duper stunning wunning ... cant find the right word! Oh how about AWESOME !!!!! xxx

Ellen said...

is that all done in one evening? what powers you've got , such a lot of techniques togetehr. wish I lived nearer

maddy hill said...

It took several Lessons Ellen lol about 3 i think . We did the first scrapbook page of it last week .
and yes Jennie everyone is enjoying making it which is great !

Tonniece said...

Just beautiful, wow, so many techniques and textures.
Just awesome

Gra said...

Wow!!, I love all the tecniques, and this album is beautiful.
Thank you for your visit!!!!!!!!