Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Grease night pics !

Well here at the Sticky Fixers we do have a good giggle i have to say the ladies and gents - yes we have two have a good laugh either at the club or out with the club 1

For our christmas do we went to the village in Leeds - unfortunaly some couldnt make it due to catching the lurgy ! but we still manage to have a great time ... heres some of the pictures !
Now if we look a bit grumpy in the pic above , its because we had just eaten and the meal was terrible - it did make us think what the rest of the night would be like !
However a few drinks then the act came on and we started enjoying ourselves.

here we are acting out the grease lightening pose !

right .. Susan , Anita and Lynda

left ..Trina , Maddy ( me !) and Val

left ... Mandy and Trina

theres was alot more photos .... but all i can say is that they were taken at the end of the night and by that time we really had abit too much to drink !!! well most of us !



SP said...

Ho Ho HO !!
A week later a new lady in the office (thankfully a different floor) asked if I was at the Village on 4 December.......! Blush!
The only alcohol that passed my lips was the brandy flavouring on the pud ;-)

super ted said...

Fab pictures Maddy. Had a great night.. the pics of Calvin are so funny.

Love to you all trina xxxx

Karen said...

Looks like you all had a great night :-)